We may not be your first EHR, but we will be your last

Nexus EHR
  • the central and most important point or place.
  • a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
  • creating healthcare's logical progression

We create revolutionary EHR that clinicians can actually use. Our core focus is to alleviate the administrative burden of clinicians and allow them to pursue their passion for helping patients.
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."



Every clinican is unique.

Nexus EHR adjusts to your practice style, not vice versa

DICOM Imaging

One of a kind.

Complete, cloud based DICOM Imaging built in our EHR. No need for separate pacs.

Stage 2 Certified

Nexus EHR has achieved complete ambulatory Stage 2 certification.


Nexus EHR is Connected to the surescripts network.


Generate tailor made, dynamic referral letters in seconds using Nexus EHR


Goodbye servers.
Goodbye update and maintenance fee.

Hello easy.. with Cloud based Nexus EHR

Patient Efficiency

With Nexus EHR Patient Portal and Self-Service modules, Patients can fill out intake information at home or in the waiting room.  We know, you have been thinking what took so long?

Practice Naturally

Take advantage of templates, voice2text, free text, or oldfashion dictation. Multimodal input is the name of the game.

Nexus EHR facilitates a fluid, organic, clinician-patient encounter by providing a platform that works with you, not against you. Breeze through clinical encounters with either voice-to-text input or via our high yield-charting interface. Spend less time documenting and more time take care of your patients.

“Nexus EHR is the first system I’ve seen that makes sense on every level. Amazing product, fairly priced, transparent terms… It’s a no brainer”

Dr. Jason Sanders, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon


Become Partners

It all starts with understanding.

Personal Touch

Your implementation concierge.

Milestone 1

Kick Off

Write it down. Check it off.

Milestone 2


Leads to deep understanding.

Milestone 3


Made to measure. A Haute EHR.

Milestone 4


See one. Do one. Teach one.

Final Review

All systems go. Ready for launch.

Milestone 5

Go Live

Blast off!!!

Milestone 6

Post Go Live Review

Better safe than sorry.


Sensibly priced
No lock in period
No hidden fees
No maintenance (Cloud based EHR)
The proof is in the platform

Nexus EHR for Enterprise

One size doesn’t fit all.
For larger organizations that wish to have a client side environment, we offer our Enterprise level Foundation platform. The foundation platform consists of a customized server that runs the Nexus platform over your intranet but also syncs to the cloud.

Nexus Foundation Server

Enterprise Foundation Server


Nexus Data Vault


Nexus Kiosk


Wireless Magnetic Card Strip Reader


Photo ID Camera


Labs Label Printer


Medical Hardware


Integrated Multifunction Printer